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The Glory of Unplugged Ceremonies

First and foremost, we truly believe that EVERY couple should do exactly what they would like to do for their entire wedding day! We really mean this. A couple should have their entire wedding day centered around them, their beliefs, and their preferences.

That being said, we are huge fans of unplugged ceremonies. What is an unplugged ceremony? It is a ceremony where no one is recording or photographing your wedding with any device – phone, iPad, camera, camcorder, anything.

So why is an unplugged ceremony a reason for photographers and videographers to cheer? See below.

Through wedding day, we battle getting out of people’s way with their cell phones, trying to get the best angle without standing in the way of others, and always, always, trying to get the best angle for your day.

A few of our favorite reasons why an unplugged ceremony should be considered:

  • You do not want a cell phone or camera in the middle of every shot of you as you walk down the aisle
  • You want your guests engaged in the ceremony, the moment, and your day
  • Recording devices are naturally distracting
  • Some venues do not allow the photographers to use flash, but often these darker locations fail to say this to the entire congregation so you still get flashes going off from well meaning aunts and uncles
  • You’ve hired us to get those photos that will last a lifetime
  • Every single person, regardless of bone structure or beauty, has a bad angle (Remember Beyonce’s 2013 Super Bowl half-time photo?). You don’t get to choose what gets tossed up on social media whether it is a flattering shot of you or one making a silly face while speaking

So rather than us telling you flat out to have an unplugged ceremony, we just strongly suggest that you and your fiancé have this conversation. And then, after the discussion, do EXACLTY what you two want to do.

If you choose to have a ceremony without the distractions you can make a sign regarding it, post a note in your wedding program, have your officiant mention it to your guests prior to the ceremony, or our personal favorite – all of the above.

We want moments like this where the couple simply gets lost in the moment and forgets that anyone is even watching.

September 8, 2019

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