Blue Arrow

Our photography and videography has a very personal aspect to it. We don't want to do the same at every shoot. We don't want to force you into awkward poses. We want to find what makes you two perfect for one another and then quietly, but beautifully, show that to the world. We want to make you cry happy tears. 

We are down to earth, up for anything kind of people. We love love. It sounds cliche, but it is the absolute truth. We welcome all love stories and want to hear about how you met, your favorite movie quotes, and how the proposal happened.

Our photography has been internationally published as well as published in many incredible publications throughout the US. We are award winning and incredibly proud of what we do. Always looking to try something new, find a new adventure, or hike to the perfect spot for an elopement or destination wedding, we really want to see the world and are happy to do it capturing one of the most important days of your life.

So let's get coffee or margaritas or whatever you'd like, and tell us your love story and your vision for your wedding day. Because we really would LOVE to hear it.

No really, we are!

We are Cat & Brooke - a wife team from somewhat all over the place. Cat grew up in the Midwest surrounded by tall pine trees, blue lakes, and dairy farms as far as the eye can see. She lived in Charleston, South Carolina where she fell in love with the South and then New Orleans where she fell in love with wedding photography. Brooke grew up as a navy brat in various spots including in Puerto Rico, but her heart will always be in San Diego with the ocean, surfing, and adventure sports. As a team, we decided to move to Arizona probably for the same reason that most do - gorgeous sunsets, beautiful outdoor activities, and tacos (only kind of kidding). 

On any given day, you can find us exploring new places, trying mom & pop restaurants, playing with our 3 dogs, spending time near any water, hanging out with family in the pool, hiking, or photographing just for fun.

So thrilled to meet you!