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Profile Session
The photos from these sessions are so important. These are used to help tell the story of your life, your home, and the future that you are offering to your child. These sessions include a home visit where we photograph you and your family in the comfort of your own home to show more of who you are. In addition, we can go to either a second location of your choosing, our choosing, or general photos of your area to give the birth parent(s) and adoption agency representatives a better sense of who you are and the future that your child will have. These sessions are exceptionally important for your profile and help the potential birth parent(s) in their decision. We can travel to any city or state for this session. For any session outside of Phoenix, please inquire about our travel fees.

Adoption Session
Whether at the hospital, adoption agency, or another location, the first moments with your child are a timeless memory that should be captured flawlessly. Your emotions are heightened, your anticipation is at an extreme, and all your patience is about to pay off. Let us take the worry out of documenting such a phenomenal point in your life. We are happy to provide photography and video services for your adoption session.

Family Session
After all the waiting, the paperwork, and the anticipation, you finally get to experience life with your child. The family session is a relaxed 1 hour session at a location or your choosing or ours where you can take your first formal photos with your newly full family. These are a beautiful combination of posed and candid photos where we guide you through. For newborns, we come to your home and take additional time as newborns are just experiencing the world for the first time and often need a bit more care to capture their personalities and details.

While we, of course, adore wedding photography, there is also another momentous, life changing event that is graced upon families. Adoption is a long, but truly fulfilling process that we take great pride in documenting through photo and video. 

Whether it is the profile photos that capture the heart of the birth parent(s) or the final family session after all paperwork is finalized, we want to be there to properly preserve the memories of one of the most important times of your life as a family.

Adoption Services

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