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Developing Our Posing Guide

Developing guides and plans for couples is truly a love/hate relationship. We love helping in any way we can. Our couples get plenty of timeline advise, tips on how to make the day run smoother, and so much more from us any chance we can. The actual process of sitting behind our computers and making a blog magazine – maybe not our favorite thing.

But for the posing guide, it felt like something that needed to be out there. When we start each session we give guidance, reassurance, and soon after the couple is laughing and happy and relaxed. But what if there wasn’t that 5-10 minute period of adjustment? What if the couple just had a bit more confidence going into the shoot from the start.

Turns out nearly half of couples in a recent study reported unhappiness with their posing, stance, and form in their photos whether it was an engagement session or their actual wedding day. NEARLY HALF! That’s a lot of regret. So we wanted to make a free resource available to all couples for this exact reason.

While using photoshop templates and writing our hearts out may sound easy, it really isn’t. So, if you haven’t downloaded the free posing guide, you are engaged, and maybe having a camera in your face doesn’t make you exceptionally comfortable – head to our home page and look for the pop-up on the right to get your free guide today!

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October 15, 2019

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