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Paris & Donevan’s Proposal

I’ve known Paris for years through photography. She is a published model and beautiful inside and out. Instantly, her love for animals and bubbly personality made her someone you just want to be around. She modeled for me several times and every single time, she was so easy to work with, incredibly talented, and very responsive. Basically a dream model.

I never check my message requests on Facebook. A terrible habit I have just like never checking my junk email folder because the moment that you don’t, something important comes through and you miss it. This is exactly how Donevan reached out to me to shoot his marriage proposal to her and, yes, I didn’t see the request for about 2 weeks. Doesn’t sound like much, but in photography time – that 2 weeks is a lifetime. I responded apologizing in every way that I could and held my breath to see if he had hired another photographer. The cheer I gave out when I read that he didn’t woke the dogs. Seriously.

The day of the proposal, Brooke and I staged a little picnic COMPLETE with an adorable picnic basket. It literally had honey salt cashews, a water, and a bottle of Sprite in the entire basket. Maybe not a Martha Stewart feast, but we were a little more focused on the incredible moment happening before us. As Brooke shot video, I shot photo. It was a day I will never forget.

And just a little behind the scenes – their dogs Simon and Theodore (named after two of the three Chipmunks) had their own role. Simon not only ran into the mucky water at one point, but also decided that something next to his mom smelled amazing and rolled in it, knocking her over DURING the proposal. It was adorable!!!

October 1, 2019

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